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Safely remove moss, algae, and more

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Non-Aggressive Biocide, perfect for cleaning outdoor surfaces

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Safe for children and pets

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Welcome to Safeway Cleaning Solutions

Safeway Cleaning Solutions is an AlgoClear™ Pro Softwash certified contractor. We work with clients from all over Co. Louth and beyond. AlgoClear® Pro Softwash is the leading commercial biocide suitable for cleaning all types of moss, algae and fungi from all hard surfaces, K rend, pebble dashing, roofs, sandstone and all other hard surfaces. It is safe to use around people and animals without leaving any environmental footprint.

What is AlgoClear™ Pro

AlgoClear Pro is a non-aggressive biocide, suitable for cleaning all types of hard surfaces. Unlike other cleaners, Safeway Cleaning Solutions does not use bleaching or abrasive agents that can damage the surface.

AlgoClear™ Pro is perfect for cleaning all types of surfaces, including:

  • Roofs

  • K Rend

  • Pebble Dashing

  • Sandstone

  • Tarmac

  • Paving

  • Patios

  • Concrete

  • Sports Grounds

  • Timber

  • And more . . .

  At Safeway Cleaning Solutions we work with clients from all over Co. Louth and beyond, offering a safe, nonabrasive way to clean your surfaces. Our Cleaning Process is a non-aggressive cleaning method of spraying a fast acting biocidal detergent onto the surface. This helps with decontaminating the biological growth on the surface, killing all species within one hour - then the self-cleansing begins.

Most cleaning companies use high powered pressure washer. As effective as this is, it does not break the reproductive cycle of growth on the surface and growth will start to appear again within six months.

AlgoClear® Pro Softwash is recommended by K Rend, the UK and Ireland’s Largest independent pre-mixed silicone render manufacturer. It is also HSE approved.

  We are dedicated to providing a professional service to our clients.

This involves providing a free quotation / consultation.

Our experts walk you through the process, what to expect, how it works etc.

We want our clients to be fully informed and ask any questions they may have.

To get a quotation, simply call Safeway Cleaning Solutions today on
086 1637920.

We work with all types of clients, domestic, commercial, agricultural etc. To get a quotation simply get in touch with our team today. We are more than happy to provide you with a free no obligation quotation.