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We only use the latest and safest power wash equipment. Call us today

Safeway Cleaning Solutions

Safeway Cleaning Solutions specialise in window cleaning, power wash and soft wash services for commercial and domestic clients throughout Louth.

We are a certified AlgoClear™ Pro contractor and ensure the protection of your property and surfaces by only using non-aggressive products that are free from bleach and abrasive agents.

Our range of services also cover areas such as gutter cleaning, moss removal, as well as offering clean up services following the conclusion of building or construction work.

Safeway Cleaning Solutions

What Is On Your Surface?

We place great importance on educating our customers about the bacteria and microorganisms that sit on their surfaces. Understanding why and how we treat different bacteria creates added value for our customers.

Safeway Cleaning Solutions

Window Cleaning

Window cleaning keeps your business looking its best and creates positive first impressions. Our expert team of window cleaning professionals use the latest window cleaning equipment that is both safe and efficient for every type of building.

Safeway Cleaning Solutions

Power Wash

A power wash can transform the appearance of a property by lifting up years of built up dirt and grease. Commercial and domestic clients will see immediate benefits from every power wash service and be left with pristine clean surfaces.

Safeway Cleaning Solutions

Soft Wash

We are a certified AlgoClear™ Pro soft wash contractor and help customers with exterior house cleaning as well as roof and gutter cleaning. A soft wash protects your home by avoiding harsh chemicals or abrasive agents. Keeping your property looking its best is the priority of every soft wash appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you be able to remove moss from my roof?

We provide a range of services to keep your property looking its best. Removing moss from your roof or tarmac will be taken care of as part of our window cleaning, power and soft wash services.

Can you provide window cleaning services for multiple-story office building?

Providing a safe environment for your staff and our team is always the best way to clean windows. Our innovative pole system allows us to efficiently clean the windows of offices that cover multiple stories in a professional and completely secure fashion.

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