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Power Wash

Safeway Cleaning Solutions offer a complete range of power washing services to agricultural, commercial and domestic clients for jobs of every size. Power washing can completely transform the appearance of a property by lifting up years of built up dirt and grease.

Our expert team of pressure washer operators keep your business or property clean and looking its best to provide customers and visitors an attractive and safe environment to spend time in. We use the latest hot power wash equipment to lift years of built up dirt and grease, leaving you with pristine clean surfaces.

Are you a business owner? Keep your property clean and hygienic

Why Choose Safeway Cleaning Solutions?

Hygiene should be at the top of your list if you own a business or property. We offer a range of pressure washer and power washing services to ensure a hygienic, safe and sanitized living or working space for families and customers. A power wash not only improves the aesthetic of your building.

Sterilising and decontaminating your property will kill off any harmful algae, bacteria, dirt or debris that could negatively impact the health of you and others. Our power washing cleaning process involves the spraying of non-aggressive and fast acting biocidal detergent that is safe to use around animals and people.

Get in touch with Safeway Cleaning Solutions today and enjoy a hygienic and aesthetically pleasing improvement to your home or business premises.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to have animals or people around during a power wash service?

The AlgoClear Pro solution we use is a non-aggressive biocide. There is no environmental impact associated with our cleaning services and it is safe to use around animals and people.

How often do most surfaces need power washing?

For the majority of surfaces, an annual power wash should suffice. We will be able to advise you on a suggested power wash maintenance schedule depending on the materials of your surface and its current condition.

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